CQJP2015 Peacock Project

CQJP2015 Peacock Project
Only four out of 12...in progress

Monday, June 5, 2017

                          Month of Summer!!!
Well, this is the month summer starts!!! And June 21st was my start also!!! I was honored to be called to hold a demonstration of my crazy quilt passion at the Fort Hall Replica Museum again this year. The last one was 2 years ago, see post here
This year, we were in the main building, which was wonderful. Full of donated antiques. The right side is a Japanese display. I met a couple of wonderful Japanese ladies who were telling me the Japanese names of the items in the display.

I shared the day with Diana, who is a wonderful spinner of wool. Linda was finishing up a beautiful quilt, I want some of that fabric.  And Betty Jane, below, who was with me last year. What a memory this lady has!
 This is how I packed. And then repacked. Ended up with a carry-on suitcase, and then didn't carry it all in!!!
With a display case behind me, I used it to my advantage!
Sew Crazy For You!!!!
I had 4 of 5 ribbon award winners with me from the State Fair. A frequent question was, you did all of these? One young girl ask if I work on them all day! I said yes, but don't tell my husband!!!
 Close up of same corner of table. Showcasing Crazy Quilt Quarterly and Calender. 
This is the original crazy quilt magazine and is a print on demand, which means by going to the link highlighted, you can order any issue you want. Thanks to Pat Winter and Pamela Kellogg for keeping our passion alive!!!
You might recognize the fabric journal up front, or the purple and orange quilt, both of which were Round Robins.
Notice the background fabric on the table, found at Lowe's, is actually curtains. I did buy them for my sewing room, but thought they would be fun to add some sparkle to the table!
Yes they will end up in my sewing room, pictures in the future!!!!
My fabric journal was a BIG hit! Thanks go to Annette Graves for all her help and holding my hand in Facebook private messages!!! It was fun watching the young girls (and some boys) who really liked all the colors, details, etc. Told a couple moms that I learned to embroider at 10, so could I teach them!
These are a collection I am building, I call door hangers, one for each month. At top, February and March, center is for Easter and bottom, October, was stitched by Nicki Seavey
Another BIG hit was my beach picture that still needs to be framed! This was an inspiration by my good friend, Jacqueline Jamison, who is an amazing fabric artist. Visit her facebook site for some fabulous pictures.
Thanks for visiting. I absolutely love sharing my passion for crazy quilting. I have so many more ideas in my  pea brain, and need to get them on cloth!!!! I love reading your comments, so be sure to let me know if you have questions or want something that I should write about!!!
Happy Stitching!!!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Showers Brings May Flowers!!!!

This has been a project on my mind for a couple years now.  I finally have it finished on cloth!!!! The next one is already brewing in my mind, but I have a couple finished squares that need to be completed in their final forms...always something on my mind!

I will post this with tutorial pictures and descriptions as I went through the whole project.  Enjoy!

These are the fabrics I found recently and just fell in love with. Then I printed on to fabric some pictures to use, though I ended up not using them all.  The seahorse and flowers in the upper part of the picture were printed on silk several years ago, just waiting for a home.  Why a seahorse, well his colors looked great, he lives in water, and my passion is Under the Sea!
Here I am using the 5 sided "House" method taught by Judith Baker Montano. Crazy Quilt probably has as many ways to place fabric, and there is no wrong method. But after crazy quilting for 20 years, I like this method the best. I can balance my fabrics and not end up with big pieces next to small, or it helps to avoid a "strippy" look. It also has prevented the "holes" I would always seem to have, and have to hide with embellishments! It's all a matter of preferences.
With large background finished, I made a large raindrop for the middle. I marked where I would place it so I didn't embellished under it. The raindrop will get padded to give a 3D look.
Background piece with large basting stitches marking the raindrop.
 Raindrop ready for embellishing!
Finished embellishing.
The seahorse came out great! I used Barbara Seavey's lace to give some under sea look!
I put a "raindrop" in PowerPoint and then added some Bible quotes. Who hasn't sung the Rain, Rain Go Away as a kid?!!!
A couple more quotes, top right is from BJ Thomas song, "Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head". He has always been one of my favorite singers!
 Another Bible quote, from Genesis 9:16..."And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth."
Crazy Quilting is my passion, and has been for over 20 years. So I do feel I live the life I have imagined. I have God in my life, a wonderful supportive husband, and our health is great. What else is there?!
This quote is one of our favorites. We almost made the mistake of moving last year, and now feel that this quote shows us that God was keeping us here.  Oregon, where we were thinking of moving to, had the worst rainy winters in years!!! And, yes, that came to us as snow, the most we have seen in the 10 years we have been here! But we were safely settled in our home and yes, we are grateful!
The raindrop is attached, and I am crocheting a trim to go around it to set it apart from the background!
 You can see the plastic canvas under the finished piece...this will give it strength to keep it's shape when hung on the front door.
Here I have batting cut for both sides of the canvas.
 After sewing front to back, I tied through the canvas to attach to front. There's always enough embellishments on the front to hide the stitches to the front!
Tied in several places.
Sewing front to back, before tieing....while listening to Home Free, my favorites!!!
Here's the top...the trim is two different colors, couldn't decided which I liked best.  So I twisted together and attached with a loop over stitch.
 Middle of the whole piece!
 Bottom left corner...April Showers theme!
Bottom of whole piece!
 Our favorite quote!
 Finished piece...just in time to go on front door on April 1st!
Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed your time here!!! Comments are greatly appreciated!
Happy Stitching.

Friday, March 24, 2017

March 24, 2017     Happy St. Patrick's Month!!!!

The square above is on my front door for the whole month!!! Working on one now for April Showers!!!!

Have you tried the latest craze???  Making a Fabric Journal, of course!!!  I made one recently, with a lot of help from Annette Graves on private messages!!! You can learn lots more by visiting her blog. Here I will give you my journey, with descriptions and pictures! I do warn you, it is an addicting project, and it will change an organized sewing room into a total chaos mess.  But it was so fun I am planning the next one!!!!
First I used 6 blocks that were on the Summer Round Robin of 2014. The participants, in order as depicted in the fabric book are: Cathy Glover, Margreet de Reus, Lauren Mattison, Barbara Scalise, Stacy Sharp and Pauline Keller.  So the pages with their blocks are in the order above.  I learned from Annette that you will not want to put embellished squares on facing pages, too many things to catch on. So each facing page is made up of things in a similar theme. Here goes!!!
This is a paper journal I sent out with the Round Robin for the ladies to write in.
These are each of their squares.  I chose a butterfly theme, and you can see how well the ladies did!! The black butterfly fabric is a favorite of mine, and was intending to use it for the pages, but my "muse" sent me in a different direction!
Had to raid my many bins of laces. I didn't want to use just white, so I coffee-dyed several different types to see what effects I would get. Some were new, some were doilies, and some were off of dresses from the thrift store!
When Annette, my muse, told me that black fabric wasn't right, I took a photo of some of my other butterfly fabrics. The very center one is what made up some of the squares.  We both fell in love with the batik piece on the right!

By laying the squares down I determined the size of my pages. This is the beginning of the outside covers.
It's now coming together, with a bias tape border to hold together with the inside page added. Some lace and pictures on the front cover on the right. Some of my dyed laces are from Barbara Nicki Lee Seavey.
Several rows of lace, on both sides, were added, lace designating the binding, and sparkles on the back. Butterfly of sequins added on top.
This is a work in progress...really, the whole room was a complete chaos!!!!
I used various fabrics for the pages, multi-variety of laces. The more the better. If they don't go all the way around, just grab another variety and keep going. Just like crazy quilting, there are no mistakes!

See what I mean. I pinned the fabrics together, and sewed the laces on by machine.
Pocket on inside front cover, place for the paper journal!  Cathy Glover's square on the right!
 This side is decorated by me, so as not to catch on the square facing it. Just some lace and doily. The hand embroidered butterfly on the top right, was taken off of an old pillow case done by my hubby's mother! 

It faces the wonderful square done by Margreet de Reus.  I simply hot glued the fabric to the pages, and the bordered with different trims and laces, some glued on, and some sewed on.

Butterflies were my first favorite embroidery to stitch when I first learned at the age of 10. My mother would thread the needle for me with 2 threads.  When she wasn't looking, I would get a couple more threads and re-thread my needle....I wanted the fat puffy look!!!! I don't know when I made the red butterfly, but it's been waiting for a home for some time!  The square on the right is done by Lauren Mattison.

I love this quote!
On this page, I used a cut-out of the butterfly from the fabric that was used for these blocks. The block on the right is done by Barbara Scalise.

This page has another butterfly by me...also waiting for a home. The quote below, I found on the internet and printed on fabric. This block is by Stacey Sharp.

This block I used a wonderful velvet ribbon to frame the silkie. And last, but not least, is Pauline Keller's block. 
Finally, the inside back cover page:
Another silkie, and quote printed on fabric! And an inside pocket, for, what else, a bookmark!!!

I thank all of these ladies for their lovely work! And I thank Annette for her help and inspiration!!!
Here's a finished picture of the book!!!

And a sneak peak at my next month's blog on April Showers!

Thanks for visiting!!! Happy Stitching!!!